These Fad Diets Are Deadly Dangerous


Fad diet. These two words are a risky combination. For one, “fad” means it’s a trend and won’t last long. “Diet,” on the other hand, is a term always misinterpreted. When people hear the word diet, they often think that it’s automatically for losing weight – not checking first if the whole process is healthy.

Fad diets are nowhere in the healthy range. According to Allison Conner, PsyD, “Eat in a balanced, rational way. Forget about fads, diet pills, supplements, frozen foods, and artificial, unsustainable meal routines.” It is a marketing scam. People are promised the “ultimate” weight loss solution, and the makers of such fad diets will try to sugar coat everything. It’s only an empty promise. There is no such thing as a quick fix to losing weight.

As such, here are five fad diets that deadly dangerous – the rules are overly strict, there are no long-term benefits, and most often, the foods recommended are nutrient-deficient.



Five-Bite Diet

Dr. Alwin Lewis created this fad diet. As the name suggests, one meal consists of five bites. The follower of the diet must also skip breakfast and eat his lunch or dinner for a maximum of 5 swallows. It doesn’t matter what kind of food to eat as long as the count stands. Also, they can drink whatever beverage they want as long as it has no calories and they are required to take multivitamins daily.

There are several red flags here. One, calorie-free drinks are often loaded with sweeteners and those chemicals are not healthy. Second, skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism and mess up your body function. According to Katie Ziskind, LMFT, “A complete breakfast is essential to a great day for you, your family, and even your pets!” Third, seriously five bites? The whole thing is outrageous. Nobody will survive a day with five bites on a meal. Dr. Oz said that, at most, this Five-Bite Diet could only provide 800 calories per day. It’s not enough. Lastly, it can create health issues like anemia, bone deterioration, impaired cognitive ability and no energy.


Raw Food Diet

Others are keen on eating veggies, fruits, and grains, but they don’t cook the food. The purpose of not cooking these foods is because heating can break down the nutrients and the body won’t absorb it. Also, fruits and veggies are low in calories, sodium content, and fat. It can help in shedding off excess weight.

There are some concerns about it, though. Some veggies require cooking. Bacteria may thrive on that specific vegetable and eat it raw is not good. With some, cooked veggie brings out the nutrients which are needed. If you don’t cook it, it will be harder to digest and can lead to bloating, bowel problems, decreased immunity, and malnutrition. Also, most veggies are not rich in protein and minerals. So following this diet is not advisable, as well. Not only that, it can be costly.


Baby Food Diet

The name itself is self-explanatory – the food is for babies and not for adults. Babies require different nutrients and adults also need more. Baby food will not provide the necessary nutrition. Take, for instance, the need for fiber. An average woman requires 25 grams of dietary fiber. Baby food has nothing of that amount.

If a person is deficient in fiber, he or she will not be satiated enough and will be hungry every 2 hours. It can lead to binge eating which is not healthy. According to Ashley Hicks White, LMFT, “A binge eating episode is defined as eating an amount of food that is definitely larger than what most people would eat in a similar period of time under similar circumstances. Binge eating is also accompanied by a loss of control or feeling that one cannot stop or control how much they are eating.” Cravings will push on and eventually; you will be eating more than you should.



Blood Type Diet

Dr. Peter d’Adamo formulated this diet program. He explains that the food you eat reacts with your blood type. The doctor suggests that if you have blood type A, then, the vegetarian diet is best for you. If you have blood type O, you will benefit from eating more meat and fewer grains. With blood type B, a mix of food groups was advised. Blood type AB must eat a combination of what was suggested for blood type A and B.

Yes, it sounds like a “quack” and it is questionable as this way of eating can leave out specific food groups. It means lack of nutrients, in the long run.


Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse is a liquid diet to detox the body for 3 to 10 days. The first phase is called “ease in.” After that is the lemonade diet. There is a specific mix of lemonade drink which must be consumed up to 12 times a day. The last phase is called “ease out.”

What is the composition of this lemonade drink? It contains lemon juice squeezed, maple sauce, and cayenne which acts as a diuretic. All it loses is water weight and not fat. In no time, the weight expended will come back and will add some more. It’s not ideal. The fact that it promotes dehydration, exhaustion and dizziness make it even worse.